Netherlands Platform Complex Systems

The Netherlands Platform Complex Systems (NPCS) aims to organise, structure and facilitate research in complex systems, and to promote educational, societal and industrial use of complex systems knowledge.

The platform was created for academia, industry, policy makers and societal organisations. All professionals who are connected to or operate in the field of complex systems can become an NPCS member and be included in the NPCS network.


The NPCS-Gravitation meeting will take place on Thursday, June 6th, 2019 in Utrecht!


Last April 4th  the NPCS organised the 3rd NPCS annual conference on Complex Systems, at the University of Utrecht.

The symposium program included the guest speakers Professor Han de Maas and Professor Phil Hodgkin, as well as two scientific and one applied presentations streams and a poster and pitch sessions. Loes Crielaard received the best paper award for her poster/pitch “Systems thinking and body weight perception: Modelling interactions between the individual and the collective”.

This symposium provided also an interaction forum for practitioners and complexity scientists from different disciplines to meet and exchange ideas. More on this event can be found here