Netherlands Platform Complex Systems


Societal Committee

The goal of the NPCS is to encourage national cooperation and synergy in the Dutch complex systems research area.

For this, the NPC has established several committees, and in particular the Societal committee. The goals of this committee are:

  • to bridge the gap between scientific complexity research, and industrial/societal needs and outreach.
  • to create awareness of what complex systems are, so as to demonstrate the added-value of a complexity approach in industry and societal problems.

Moreover, the Societal committee also acts as a matchmaker between industry/government and science. This is achieved by organizing matchmaking activities to increase the impact of research in practice.

The first meeting “Benefits from complexity in practice: the added value of a complex systems approach for industry and society” will focus on  governance and policy making and will take place on March 7 in Amsterdam.

Is your job is to help make organisations effective and resilient? Do you need to make decisions in situations that are highly dynamic and volatile? Do you need to anticipate and manage the effects of policies and/or decisions in the current complex societal setting? Then we can help you!

Send us an email at!

Societal Committee members:

  • Dr. Ana Isabel Barros – Chair
  • Annemarth Idenburg
  • Drs. Pieter den Hamer
  • Prof.dr. Peter Vervest
  • Prof.dr. Remco van der Hofstad
  • Dr. Roland Kupers
  • Henk Blom
  • Drs. Pieter-Matthijs Gijsbers