Netherlands Platform Complex Systems


Education Committee

One of the important goals of the NPCS is to stimulate, organize and coordinate nationally education in complex systems science. This is intended to occur at all levels of education, i.e., at the bachelor, master and PhD levels. This is achieved by setting up minor programmes on complex systems at the bachelor and master level, creating a (possibly national) master programme Complex Systems Science, and organizing Summer and Winterschools for Dutch and foreign PhD students.

An overview of Complexity Science related courses in the Netherlands was compiled in collaboration with the UvA-IAS and can be found here

In collaboration with the committee on Society, we will also explore the possibilities to provide education on the topic of complex systems for the general public, for government bodies, and for the industry. This can for instance be achieved by organizing public lectures and focused workshops.

Education Committee members:

  • Ass. Prof. Michael Lees – Chair
  • Prof.dr. Henk Nijmeijer
  • Dr. Harald van Mil
  • Fred Janssen