Netherlands Platform Complex Systems

About NPCS

NPCS is created by and for the Dutch universities, research institutes, industry, government and societal organizations that would benefit from a more organized development of, and training in, the field of complex systems. In order to start in the short term without extensive consultation, a “formal establishment” by a limited number of representatives was preferred:

NWO program committee Complexity: Prof. Peter Vervest (Erasmus University Rotterdam);

Utrecht University: Prof. Bert van der Zwaan, Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University (as initial facilitator of the NPCS bureau);

NWO: Dr Louis Vertegaal, director of NWO Physical Sciences  – which acts as the leader of the NWO-wide challenge ‘Grip on Complexity’ – as representative of NWO;

TNO: Prof. Jos Keurentjes, Chief Scientific Officer TNO, as the representative of TNO.