Netherlands Platform Complex Systems


Call for proposals for the NPCS for mini-workshops on Complex Systems

Introduction and purpose:
The NPCS funds mini-workshops on complex systems aiming at encouraging new scientists to the field of complexity. Complex systems abound in our world at many different levels: climate, flocks of birds, the economy, the human body, traffic, our brain, the internet and society are just a few examples. A common element is that they consist of large numbers of interacting components that typically exhibit behaviour that cannot be understood by looking at the components in isolation. They are typically studied with computer models or mathematical models in which simple, local rules lead to complex behaviour, showing that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. The purpose of NPCS’s mini-workshops is to promote the research field of complex systems. This is done by encouraging the organisation of a small two-day workshop in order to build up a new cooperation between 1) a scientist with a scientific, practical or societal problem where the field of complex systems can greatly contribute to its solution, and 2) an expert in complex systems.

Who can apply
A couple of two scientists, one of whom is a theoretical scientist working in complex systems and another scientist that has a scientific, practical or societal problem in analysing or understanding the data.

The two scientists are at PostDoc level or higher and one of them (the PI) has a position at a university or knowledge institute in the Netherlands (NWO, KNAW, NCB Naturalis, etcetera) and the other at a university or knowledge institute in the Netherlands or abroad.

What can be applied for
The application is for a workshop of two days in the Netherlands. The location can be chosen by the applicants. Each awarded workshop will receive a maximum financial support of € 2000,- . Financial support can be used for costs of travelling, accommodation of speakers, or catering.
The workshop has to take place within a year of the grant decision.

When can applications be submitted
Proposals can be submitted starting now before the deadline of 12th of January, 2017 and starting in May before the deadline of 12th of August, 2017. Within a month after the deadline the decision is made by NPCS board upon consultation of the committee research.

Preparing an application
Your grant application of a maximum of two pages must include:
– Title of the workshop
– The names, addresses and expertise of the two applicants. Indicate who is:
o the PI or contact person
o coPI
– Possible additional workshop-experts or speakers with complementary expertise plus motivation why they are invited
– (planned) date and location (if known)
– Aim of the workshop describe:
o The scientific question that will be addressed and the intended approach using techniques of complexity science
o Empirical data, systems and the models that have been developed so far
– Participants
o (targeted) number
o List of names of (target) participants, if possible, indicating who
• has already agreed to come
• is already active in complexity science
– Design of the (global) program of the workshop
– Estimation of budget (income and expenses)

Submitting an application
An application must be submitted in pdf format to Marja Linden-Verweij, Coordinator Netherlands Platform Complex Systems, NPCS

NPCS management office, Marja van der Linden
Coordinator Netherlands Platform Complex Systems
Budapestlaan 6
Tel 06-10461363